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Liviniti Drives Clinical Value

Clinical expertise and innovative thinking come naturally to Donovan Strader, Sr. Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services, who leads the clinical team at Liviniti. Donovan explains he was drawn to a career in pharmacy while a student at Washington State University. “I was a researcher in a cancer research lab when I experienced pharmacotherapy as a way to be involved in problem solving from a clinical perspective,” he says. “Based on pharmacotherapeutics, we were working to find the best treatment options using an individualized medicine approach.”

Donovan’s mission today is in many ways an extension of his clinical pharmacy experience. For the first half of his career, his focus was on direct patient care in large hospital systems. There, his attention was on best practice, clinical excellence and ensuring patients have access to the right medications to help them meet their treatment goals. It is with this clinical philosophy that he guides the Liviniti clinical team to do what’s best for the patient and what’s right for our clients. “Drug prices capture headlines, but behind-the scenes, good drug utilization management is actually the biggest driver of lowering pharmacy costs and we have a unique approach compared with others in the industry,” Donovan explains. “Managing utilization requires a careful look at drugs covered by the plan to identify opportunities for lower cost options and collaborating with providers to guide prescribing and ensure the most cost-effective drug is selected.”

As part of evaluating proposed drug therapy for a patient, Donovan and his team of clinical pharmacists take comprehensive steps to investigate treatment history and potential drug alternatives. “We determine if a lower cost medication – generic, brand or biosimilar – could be tried first based on the guidelines,” he says. There are often lower cost medication options available and we work diligently to ensure members have access to the medications that they need to support best outcomes.

At Liviniti, leveraging deep clinical expertise and taking an inquisitive approach are all part of a day’s work. At the end of the day, Donovan’s team partners with providers and patients to reduce waste, ensure appropriate use of medications and identify lowest net cost therapies. All of these steps help ensure patients get the right medications for their conditions and that they meet their treatment goals – while making medicine more affordable for everyone.