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Liviniti Partners with Mindera Health to Improve Psoriasis Treatment

Innovative collaboration will improve patient outcomes and cost savings through reduced trial-and-error management of biologic therapies

NATCHITOCHES, LA, February 29, 2024 – Liviniti, a national PBM leader in transparency and prescription drug savings, announces a new collaboration with Mindera Health to improve management of moderate-to-severe psoriasis patients. The program utilizes Mind.Px™, a dermal biomarker patch, to improve clinical outcomes while reducing biologic drug costs for self-funded employers.

“Inflammatory conditions are a major cost trend driver in the specialty pharmacy space,” says LeAnn Boyd, Liviniti CEO. “Leveraging pharmacogenomics through our collaboration with Mindera Health supports improved treatment outcomes for patients with psoriasis and reduced plan costs for expensive biologics. Ensuring that patients receive an effective drug early in treatment is a cornerstone of this program, and we are excited to offer Mind.Px to our clients and their members.”

Mind.Px predicts the appropriate biologic drug class for an individual patient prior to treatment. It allows for rapid and painless extraction of mRNA from skin, followed by transcriptomic analysis and machine learning-derived classifiers to provide actionable results for clinicians, with >92% positive predictive values. By matching the patient to the right drug class before treatment begins, potential cost savings can be substantial.

“We are delighted to partner with a pharmacy benefit manager like Liviniti to introduce precision medicine to psoriasis patients,” says Ron Rocca, President and CEO of Mindera Health. “We share core values to bring innovation to significant markets to decrease drug costs while improving patient outcomes.”

In the United States, psoriasis affects more than 3% of the population, leading to healthcare costs of more than $110B annually. Specialty drug spend for psoriasis is escalating, and biologics are often identified by payers as one of their top drug expenditures each year. Successful patient responses to currently available biologic treatments are approximately 52%, leading to trial-and-error and increased costs to get patients on the most effective treatment.


About Liviniti

Liviniti is a pioneer in pharmacy benefit innovation. Built by pharmacists, the company offers pass-through pricing within a fully transparent business model that delivers meaningful savings to clients and optimal health outcomes to members. Founded in 2011 as Southern Scripts and rebranded to Liviniti in 2023, the new name reinforces the power of medication to change lives through infinite possibilities. With an approach that delivers savings, clinical value, exceptional service and management of high-cost medications, Liviniti provides pharmacy benefit services to regional and national employers across the US. For more information, visit

About Mindera Health

Mindera Health is a private San Diego-area company developing and commercializing next-generation medical technology to enable a new era of skin analytics at the molecular level. Using a proprietary dermal biomarker patch, next-generation sequencing, and machine learning, Mindera Health technology generates clinically validated data to reduce healthcare system costs and improve patient outcomes. Mindera Health is a CLIA and CAP certified laboratory and has received ISO 13485:2016 certification. Find out more at


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